Rawlings ENCORE Series 11.5″ Fielding Glove

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Crafted from premium, quality leather, the 2022 Encore 11.5-inch infield glove is changing the game with its innovative technology. We’ve constructed this Encore I-web glove with our patented web design which allows for a deeper pocket. As a result, it keeps your hand out of the impact zone, and makes it easier to fully wrap your fingers around the ball. You’ll secure every ball more quickly, and safely, when you snag your Encore today!

In addition to unmatched performance, this Encore infield glove will give you exceptional comfort and protection too. The extended web base design, along with its versatile 200-pattern, and extra internal padding reduces sting from hard hit balls. Its adjustable pull lace system also allows you to get a ‘custom’ fit every time you put it on! Finally, its platinum accents provide the perfect touch of style to its popular black/gray design to help you stand out on the field.

Once you put it on, you’ll know you found your next gamer. Stop fighting off stingers and missing short hops, and get your 2022 Encore 11.5-inch infield glove now!

  • Back:  Adjustable Pull Lace
  • Fit:  Standard
  • Lining:  Padded Fingerback Liners
  • Padding:  Extended Web Base plus Reinforced Palm Pad
  • Player Break-In:  35
  • Series:  Encore
  • Shell:  Soft, Durable All-Leather
  • Sport:  Baseball
  • Throwing Hand:  Right
  • Web:  Pro I

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RHT Right Hand Throw (glove goes on the left, throw with the right)
LHT Left Hand Throw (glove goes on the right, throw with the left)

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