Easton PRIME SP 12.5″ Fielding Glove

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The Prime™ Slowpitch Series features softball-specific patterns designed with a wider heel and more pocket depth. These gloves are built with a game-ready, oil-tanned leather palm and web and rawhide laces for added durability. The super soft palm lining enhances grip and control, and the softball-specific patterns are designed for the ideal pocket depth and impact durability. The repositioned pinkie loop also allows for two fingers in the pinkie stall.
  • Back: Open Back
  • Lace: Professional-Grade Rawhide Lace
  • Leather: Game-Ready, Oil-Tanned Leather
  • Lining: Super Soft
  • Shell: Game-Ready Oil-Tanned Cowhide
  • Web: H-Web

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RHT Right Hand Throw (glove goes on the left, throw with the right)
LHT Left Hand Throw (glove goes on the right, throw with the left)

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