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The Henselite Sports Pro Lawn Bowls Bag is a spacious carry bag for competitive bowlers with all the functionality you need. The Henselite Sports Pro Lawn Bowls Bag provides bowlers with:

  • Easy access to bowls through opening on each end of the bag
  • A large, easily accessible central storage area for jumpers, jackets, caps and shoes
  • Ample room for on green accessories such as measures, cloths, Grippo and Toucha in two top pockets
  • Handy large pockets on each side for small items like phones, pens, keys and scorecards
  • Padded shoulder strap
  • Comfortable padded carry handles
  • Large easy-grip zip pulls with snag-free, robust zips
  • Sturdy supports on the base of the bag will keep it off the ground and minimise damage
  • A range of colour options

Dimensions: 50cm W x 35cm H x 38cm D

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Clothing, bowls and accessories pictured are for illustrative purposes only and not included.

Why do I need a Lawn Bowls Bag?

When you play bowls, you’ll be moving your bowls around from home, to the car, to your home club and to away clubs. You’ll therefore need an easy and secure way to transport your bowls safely from one place to another without causing damage to your bowls…or to yourself!

A good lawn bowls bag protects each bowl as you transport them. One way in which lawn bowls can be damaged is when they are agitated during transport and come into contact with hard objects, such as the movement they experience when kept in the boot of a car. If bowls come into contact with hard surfaces inside a bag, such as rivets, this can cause wear and tear. Bowls should be kept in compartments with a soft or padded surface. The right storage should separate each bowl to protect them and prevent this kind of damage.

Bowls are a heavy item with each set weighing around 7kgs, not to mention any extra items you’ll need to bring with you so it’s important you bag is manufactured specifically for bowls and to carry this weight.

Along with polishing and washing your bowls regularly, you need to secure and store them safely.

*bowls and accessories not included