NEW Wilson A900 11.75″ Fielding Glove


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Unmatched in their feel and performance, the A900 patterns are endlessly field tested and constantly improved by hundreds of professionals and top amateur players that choose only Wilson Ball Gloves. The result is a glove that will arrive ready for your next practice or game. There’s a reason ballplayers choose Wilson more often than all other brands combined. Wilson: The Official Glove of Major League Baseball!  This Wilson A900 11.75″ Baseball Glove features a 11.75-inch pattern, a T-web, and a more durable leather shell. Built for all players, this A900 is the perfect utility glove for the game of baseball. It will utilize a lower heel profile to allow the glove to open and close much easier, which is perfect for a player still learning the game. Wilson: The Official Glove of Major League Baseball!

SIZE 11.75″

  • 11.75 Inch Pattern
  • Colorway: Brown | Black
  • Conventional Open Back
  • Full Leather Shell, Laces & Palm Construction
  • Double Palm Construction For Maximum Pocket Stability
  • Pro Laced T-Web
  • Utility Baseball Glove
  • Low Profile Heel Gives Extra Glove Flexibility To The Player

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RHT Right Hand Throw (glove goes on the left, throw with the right)
LHT Left Hand Throw (glove goes on the right, throw with the left)

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